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BLACKBELT & CENTRAL ALABAMA HOUSING is a Company that has been around since DECEMBER of 1999. The company began as an effort for my late wife Quincia E. Fulford and I Dave Fulford Jr. Executive Director to give back to our community as there are many in a great need of help. In its infancy we set our goal on helping repair one home of a low-income family who could no otherwise help themselves. My late wife and I began to raise monies by selling fruits during the Holiday Season. Eventually We got the first home done. One became two and two  became three. After about the fifth one we realized we hadn't put a dent in the deplorable conditions of many in our community. The goal was raised to five and we continued to sell fruit during the Holidays with great need and purpose. Five homes soon became a goal of ten homes per year. We began to become overwhelmed with calls and started to realize this was too much for us to take on alone. We began to Reach out to other Agencies that helped with community needs. From then until now the number of homes we have rehabbed for low income families, seniors and veterans continue to grow. 

​We have successfully rehabbed over one thousand plus homes in our community in these past 20 years. While my wife has passed on I continue the good fight. Knowing that there is a great deal more to do. Driven by service I pushed through some of my darkest days alone in the spirit of giving as my late wife would have wanted me to. We have recently acquired new facilities that will give me and my new wife Cora the ability to provide more services to low-income families, seniors and veterans. Despite COVID-19 we are continuing to fight on to iradicate substandard housing, hunger, diabtes and heart disease. COVID has slowed us down and changed our day to day. However; it has not stopped us... Will you be in our next story...? 


We repair low-income families, veteran and seniors homes of those who cannot afford to themselves.
We help feed and teach low-income families how to maintain and prevent health issues

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